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Roger Thoney

Roger Thoney for U.S. Senate

If we truly want to help those who struggle to make ends meet, then we must defeat the socialist movement because socialist policies promote poverty. - Roger Thoney

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Roger Thoney

 New! Creating Jobs in the United States

Creating Jobs in the United States presents a fundamental discussion of the job creation process.  The main points are (1) we should make it easier for businesses to create the jobs that people need to pay their bills (they are our allies, not our enemies); and (2) the social cost of the taxation, regulation, and litigation of businesses promoted by socialists is that more people will have to struggle to make ends.  Those who struggle to make ends meet and vote primarily Democrat are being manipulated by hated-filled propaganda to vote against their self-interest because policies promoted by Democrats generally increase the cost of living.


Health Care Finance Reform - The Medical Credit Card

The medical credit card program will replace Medicaid and SCHIP, except for Medicaid’s long-term-care program, and can provide 110 million people access to health insurance at a lower cost to taxpayers than currently spent on Medicaid and SCHIP.  See Health Care Reform and the Freedom Plan for Health Care Finance Reform for details.

 Restoring Individual Liberty and Economic Freedom

 A Plan to Restore Individual Liberty and Economic Freedom in the United States


1.  Return power to the states by passing the Freedom Amendment.  The Freedom Amendment shifts power from the federal government to the states by restoring state control of the Senate as originally intended in our Constitution and making the federal government dependent upon the states for the revenue to finance social programs, earmarks, and other vote-buying programs.  Decentralization of power is a necessary condition to restore individual liberty.

2.  Create 25+ million net new jobs to reduce dependence on social programs.  This is the best way to reduce spending.  We can create 25+ million new jobs by reducing the cost of taxation, regulation, litigation, health care, and oil (see The Freedom Plan, The Freedom Plan for Health Care Finance Reform, and The Switch and Drill Plan).

3.  Change welfare programs from handout-based to loan-based to reduce the burden on taxpayers.  Provide a helping hand, not a handout (see Welfare Reform for more information).  We cannot simply “cut” social spending.  We must provide an alternative that costs taxpayers less.  

4.  Replace ObamaCare with a medical credit card program (see The Freedom Plan for Heath Care Finance Reform).  We cannot simply repeal ObamaCare.  We must replace it with a better alternative.

5.  Reduce the cost of living to help those who struggle to make ends meet.  This is a key aspect of economic freedom.  If someone works and makes only enough to buy basic necessities and pay taxes, then he is a slave of the government.  Reducing the cost of taxation, regulation, litigation, health care, and oil will reduce the cost of doing business and consequently the cost of living.

6.  Allow people to opt out of Social Security provided that they have a retirement plan of their own and finance Social Security from general tax revenues.  See The Freedom Plan for more information.  The current Social Security program acts like a regressive tax, helping to “keep the poor, poor,” because it denies low-income individuals and families an opportunity to access the wealth-building mechanisms within the economy.  A 25-year-old individual today, making $15,000 per year until he retires at age 67, could have as much as $3.8 million in his IRA under the Freedom Plan if he lives to age 90 and receives a 10% annual return on investment.  The value of this IRA provides a measure of the “opportunity cost” imposed on low-income individuals and families by the current Social Security program.  This opportunity cost represents the actual Social Security “tax” paid by the individual and his heirs.  An individual who enjoys economic freedom should not be forced to pay this insidious, regressive, and Draconian tax.


 Balancing the Budget

 Creating More Jobs is the Only Way to Balance Our Current Budget

The only way that we will eliminate a $1+ trillion deficit is by creating more jobs.  We cannot do it simply by increasing taxes or cutting spending enough.  Each will have an adverse impact on the economy and on peoples' lives.  When people move from welfare rolls onto payrolls, spending on social programs will decline because fewer people will be drawing on them.  In addition, tax revenues will increase because there will be more taxpayers.  This is how we can balance the budget without harming anyone.


This budget-balancing effect will impact not only the Federal government’s budget, but also the budget of every state.  Our plan to balance the budget should be to work together to create an economic environment that will lead to creating 25+ million net new jobs.  Also, implementing The Freedom Plan for Health Care Finance Reform will reduce taxpayer-financed spending on Medicaid and Medicare.

Note that if we reduce the cost of health care, then spending on Medicare and Medicaid can decline without harming anyone.  If we reduce the cost of living, then spending on welfare programs can decline without harming anyone.  Also note that reducing the cost of regulation and litigation will help balance the budget (by stimulating job creation) with little or no current cost.

 Reducing the Price of Oil


Our only energy problem is the high price of oil and our heavy dependence upon it.  We can reduce the price of oil by commercializing hydrogen-fueled vehicles to compete against gasoline- and diesel-fueled vehicles and by increasing our production of oil (see The Switch and Drill Plan).


“Reducing the price of oil” means reducing it to pre-2003 levels of $30±/bbl.  The only way to accomplish this will be to introduce a new competitive threat into the marketplace.  Oil companies do not have an incentive to overproduce to reduce the price to this level because they will lose too much profit.  They cannot justify this to their shareholders, so we must depend upon new competition to significantly reduce the price of oil.


Our current economic problems (high unemployment, more people struggling to make ends meet, and large budget deficits) are directly related to the hyperinflation in oil prices that occurred from 2003–2008.  Reducing the price of oil to pre-2003 levels will stimulate the world economy and help solve these problems.


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 Government Takeover of Health Care

The Government Takeover of Health Care

Rather than being denied health insurance coverage by an insurance company, we will be denied treatment by a government bureaucrat.  Talk about jumping out of the frying pan into the fire!

 Freedom or Socialism?

We only have one life to live.  How do you want to live yours – making your own decisions or answering to government bureaucrats?


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