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Roger Thoney, PE, Economic Troubleshooter

 New! Global Warming, Science, and Poverty

Global Warming, Science, and Poverty presents a discussion of the real scientific principles that relate to global warming/climate change.  Principles of thermodynamics tell us that the Earth's warming and cooling is continuously self-regulated.  There is no trending warming or cooling in the real world.  Claims of, or belief in, climate change are based upon hypotheses (man-made statements of relationships) supported by assumption-laden statistical analysis, not upon real scientific principles and scientific endeavor.  Climate-change-justified taxation, regulation, and litigation increase the cost of doing business and the cost of living.  This undermines job creation and intensifies the financial struggle of low-income households, pushing many into poverty and/or keeping them there.

 New! Creating Jobs in the United States

Creating Jobs in the United States presents a fundamental discussion of the job creation process.  The main points are (1) we should make it easier for businesses to create the jobs that people need to pay their bills (they are our allies, not our enemies); and (2) the social cost of the taxation, regulation, and litigation of businesses promoted by socialists is that more people will have to struggle to make ends.  Those who struggle to make ends meet and vote primarily Democrat are being manipulated to vote against their self-interest because policies promoted by Democrats generally increase the cost of living.


Health Care Finance Reform - The Medical Credit Card

The medical credit card program will replace Medicaid and SCHIP, except for Medicaid's long-term-care program, and can provide 110 million people access to health insurance at a lower cost to taxpayers than currently spent on Medicaid and SCHIP.  See Health Care and the Freedom Plan for Health Care Finance Reform for details.

 Putting the People First



Put the People First

Create More Jobs to Make Existing Jobs More Secure

Reduce the Cost of Living to Help People Pay Their Bills


People need jobs to pay their bills, so creating jobs should be our top priority.  Businesses create the jobs that people need to pay their bills, so we should make Kentucky the most business-friendly state in America.  This is just common sense, but we do not do this.  Instead, our legislators' top priority is balancing the budget of an ever-growing state government; and they stubbornly increase the cost of doing business through taxation, regulation, and litigation.  Ironically, the best way to balance Kentucky's state budget is to create more jobs.  As people move from social programs into jobs tax revenue increases and spending declines.


The steady increase in the prices of food, clothing, gasoline, health care, and more puts more and more financial pressure on low-income individuals.  We can lessen their burden by reducing the cost of living in Kentucky, but we do not do this.  Instead, our legislators increase our taxes to “feed the government beast” and wage an ideological war on businesses through taxation, regulation, and litigation.


It is time for change.  It is time to “think outside the box” and take a close look at why we do that which we do with an eye on improving the lives of Kentuckians, especially those who struggle to make ends meet.  We need someone in Frankfort who understands business and economics and the job creation process and is willing to stand up to entrenched political interests on behalf of the people.  I will be that person.  I will be your economic warrior.




Roger Thoney


 The Freedom Amendment


 How conservative are you, really - enough to support the Freedom Amendment?

Support for the Feedom Amendment is a litmus test for those who say they are for less government.  Demand that your candidate work to ratify the Freedom Amendment.

The Freedom Amendment will

·  eliminate the federal income tax;

·  eliminate hidden taxes on the consumer;

·  balance the federal budget;

·  shift power from the federal government to the states;

·  establish a competition among the states that will lead to lower spending, lower taxes, and a more business-friendly environment ; and

·  further protect our gun rights.


Implementing the Freedom Amendment will put power behind the 10th Amendment and begin the reversal of 4 decades of socialism in the United States.



 Economic Recovery Plan

An Economic Troubleshooter's Economic Recovery Plan


1.      Provide low-cost capital to private-sector businesses by eliminating the taxes on business profit and capital gain.

2.      Reduce the cost of living and cost of doing business in the United States by reducing the cost of healthcare, the price of oil, and the cost impact of government taxation, regulation, and litigation on the economy.

3.      Provide low-cost loans to help those who are struggling to make ends meet pay their bills until they find new, or better, jobs.

4.      Temporarily relax mark-to-market valuation requirements and minimum capital requirements to keep banks from failing.

"'How many people do we want to remain unemployed?' is the question to address when debating whether to eliminate the taxes on business profit and capital gain.  The lower the taxes, the more jobs." - Roger Thoney.

We must stop the layoffs and stimulate business investment to create jobs.

Consumer spending and the real estate markets will rebound once the layoffs stop.

Banks will lend more and the stock market will rebound as the economy improves.

Businesses are the risk-takers in our society, not banks.  We should not force banks to make more risky loans.


President Obama's Economic Recovery Plan

 ·  Consolidate power by rewarding Democratic supporters.

 ·  Get more people to believe that the government is their savior

      by making them dependent upon government programs.

 ·  Wait for the economy to recover on its own.

 ·  Take credit for the recovery when it begins.





 Karl Marx and the Democrats


Karl Marx and the Democrats


“The Democrats' Marx-based ideology rules out as an option 95% of the solution to our economic problems.” - Roger Thoney.


President Obama's “stimulus” plan will stimulate only about 5% of the economy and will fuel inflation because it heavily stimulates the demand side of the economy but restricts the growth of the supply side.  We are heading down the path to stagflation.


Why is he ignoring the other 95%, the tens of thousands of private-sector businesses that could contribute to job growth if they had investment capital and lower costs?


People need jobs to pay their bills.  Businesses create jobs, so why do we make it so difficult for them to create those jobs?  Why not make it easier?  Isn't this just common sense?


The answer is political ideology.  President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and others have invested so much political capital in demonizing businesses, especially big businesses, and “the rich” that they ignore their potential contribution to turning our economy around.  Their political bias has ruled out as an option 95% of the solution.


It is because of this political bias that they must look to banks to turn our economy around by forcing them to make riskier loans.  Businesses are the risk-takers in our society, not banks.


This anti-business attitude has its roots in the writings of Karl Marx.  It is important to note that Karl Marx' objective with his writings was to destroy the German society of his day - to tear it down and replace it with one of his liking, which was communism.


It is time to relegate Karl Marx and his destructive ideas to the ash heap of history where they belong.



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 The Role of Profit

What role does profit play?  Profit finances job creation.  Marx-inspired socialists and communists who demonize profit conveniently ignore this focusing on power, control, and domination instead (click here for more).

 Government IS the Problem

Less Government = More Jobs, Lower Cost of Living, Lower Taxes = More Liberty


This makes those who struggle to make ends meet and those in the Tea Party movement kindred spirits.

 Kentucky Loses with Stimulus Package

DO WE GET MORE from Washington than we send to it or would we be better off just taking care of ourselves?  Kentucky came up short with Obama's stimulus package.  Click here for details.

 Administration Maturity

tHE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION uses “jobs created or saved” as a measure of economic policy success.  This is silly and, quite frankly, reflects a child-like view of the world.  “Net job growth” is the important measure of success.

 Government Takeover of Health Care

The Government Takeover of Health Care

Rather than being denied health insurance coverage by an insurance company, we will be denied treatment by a government bureaucrat.  Talk about jumping out of the frying pan into the fire!

 Freedom or Socialism?

We only have one life to live.  How do you want to live yours - making your own decisions or answering to government bureaucrats?

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